A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Recover, Restore & Return

Manual osteopathy is a holistic approach to treating problems in your body, which is viewed as a whole.

Your personal  osteopathic journey  begins with a comprehensive evaluation of functional limitations and areas of pain. Our team of expert  osteopaths  will design a treatment plan based on your work/life related needs and goals. We take a team approach and will consult with your employer and case manager, if necessary. Throughout your treatment, we will do our best to help you return to all normal functional activities.

  • Consultation
  • Personal Treatment Plan
  • Consultation with employer
  • Personalized home exercise program
  • Restore and allow your body to heal

Personalized Care

Whether you have a specific injury or are looking for general maintenance treatments, our Manual Osteopaths will provide personalized care in our calm and peaceful environment.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce tension and pain in the body
  • Reduce stiffness in joints
  • Support proper posture
  • Increase blood circulation to promote healing
  • Improve joint mobility

Fees (+HST):

30mins: $80

45mins: $110

60mins: $140

75mins: $175

Note: Osteopathic manual practitioners are not medical doctors. For any medical emergencies, please consult your physician or visit your nearest emergency room.