Dr. Rehabilitation

Welcome to York Spring Rehabilitation Clinic. We are located in North York and Richmond Hill, Ontario. We promise to provide all our patients with affordable services followed by the very high safety measures. We have highly skilled medical professionals to assure all patients visiting us enjoy a great experience with the different techniques, products and treatments to help surpass their desired goals.

Rehabilitation Treatments

Our Care

Our approach involves physiotherapy and chiropractic care to provide health care and treatment to the individual in need. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists work with all age groups to break down the barriers to normal physical function and daily living activities.


Take time for yourself today

Our team will be there to help you recover from any pain/injury you’ve experienced and come out feeling better than you did before.

  • Licensed chiropractors
  • 30 years of experience
  • Effective techniques for awesome results

Better Back Program

Custom Orthotics

Spinal Adjustment and Manipulation


Concussion Treatment

Motor Vehicle Accident Related Injuries

Our Team

professionals with years of experience


Physiotherapy is a physical approach to provide health care and treatment to the individual in need.


Chiropractors work to restore function to the spine and other affected joints in the body

Our expert staff have years of experience in the field, learning about the most important and highly effective skills to implement into your next treatment.

We work one on one with you, and come up with a plan that caters to your body’s needs. Our clinic is also full of the most reputable and advanced medical equipment in the industry, so you can feel safe knowing that your problems are being treated in the best way possible. We understand that restoring your mobility and overall quality of life is of utmost importance, so we do everything within our power to get you to an optimal level of health and wellness